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Heyuan xiang abundant international hotel is heyuan shall one licenses the five-star hotel, China's top 10 commercial hotel. Located in downtown city, standing in fresh air jiang and dongjiang interchange, ascend floor at night and Asia delou, liangjiang first taller fountain marvelous. The green lake, guishan distance such main scenic spot only 10 minutes. The hotel has more than one business guestrooms and between Chinese rooms and multiple professional conference hall, KTV etc between top clubs. The hotel with modern hotel design will be hakka culture essence and clever union, has formed a strong local cultural charm brand hotel.
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  • Wanlv Lake
    Wanlu Lake is the largest artificial lake in South China. Wanlu Lake Scenic Area is located in Dongyuan County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province. It is named Wanlu Lake because it is green everywhere. She combines the magnificent waters, pure water quality, beautiful water color and beautiful water, which is rare in the country. There are Xinfengjiang National Forest Park and Hegang Xingang Town Provincial Nature Reserve, Wanlu Lake and Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province, and Dinghu Mountain of Zhaoqing are hailed as one of the "Three East of the Desert Belt" of the Tropic of Cancer. AAAA-level tourist area, with a water area of 370 square kilometers is 68 times that of Hangzhou West Lake. Its storage capacity is 13.98 billion cubic meters, 1100 square kilometers of rolling green hills, and more than 360 green islands against the blue sky, white clouds, morning glow, and sunset. , Showing a fascinating picture scroll. Seeing the peaks and peaks of mountains and mountains, waterfalls and waves; listening to the shores of Songtao and the song of birds and cicadas; experiencing innocence and natural wildness, Wanlu Lake presents you a paradise on earth like a mirror and water, an ideal paradise returning to nature.
    Guishan Scenic Area
    The Guishan Scenic Area of Xinfengjiang National Forest Park is a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot. It is backed by Guishan, the first peak of the river source, and the largest artificial lake in South China, Wanlu Lake. The scenic area is surrounded by mountains and lakes, surrounded by mountains and waters, and the natural scenery is unique. The scenic area is characterized by forest eco-tourism and the theme of leisure scenery. The beautiful natural picture scrolls give tourists a sense of secluded nature. It is a joyful world where people return to simplicity and return to nature.
    Huanglongyan Dai Nationality Tourism Area
    Huanglongyan Dai nationality style tourist area is located in the Gaojiao Mountains, Zhangxi Dai Township, Dongyuan County, 59 kilometers from the urban area of Heyuan, Guangdong Province. It is composed of seven karst caves, Dai cultural exhibition hall, and Dai folk customs performance. Huanglong karst cave is 60 meters deep, and the area inside the cave is about 3,900 square meters. It is known as "underground dragon palace" for its secluded, deep, strange, and dangerous. The rippling lion-shaped reservoirs and "sparrow flowers" and many rare exotic flowers in Lingnan are also a gorgeous scenery in the scenic area. The Dai nationality totem exhibition hall and the Dai nationality style performance in the scenic area can make people appreciate the unique Dai nationality culture.
  • Yequgou
    Relying on a good ecological environment, Yequgou Tourism Area integrates interesting natural landscapes, including strange stones, strange trees, and clear lakes, and integrates interesting resources. It also sets up highly-entertaining wild-interest projects that allow visitors to experience first-hand, so that tourists return to nature Relax the tense mood and satisfy his psychological pursuit of happiness. In essence, wild tourism is the deepening and embodying of ecotourism, a new characteristic variety of ecotourism, and a sublimation of quality.
    Mirror Flower
    "Flower Mirror" is a romantic novel full of famous novelist Li Ruzhen in the Qing Dynasty. It tells the story of the bewitched fairy in the world. According to the novel, Heyuan and Baihua Fairy have an inextricable relationship, which is the birthplace of Baihua Fairy. The beautiful natural scenery of Jinghuayuan Scenic Spot coincides with the sceneries described in the book, so the scenic spot It is named "Mirror Flower Marriage" and blends into the scenery, which reproduces the beauty of the book "The Hometown of Fairy Flowers and the Dream of Mirror Flowers and Water Moon" for tourists.